Identifying Gang Colors

Gangs and gang members, along with types of clothing and tattoos, have traditionally worn colors as a means of identifying themselves and the gang with which they are affiliated.  Many non-gang members, who innocently wore a gangs colors in the wrong place at the wrong time have been assaulted and even killed.

The following information is intended to show colors that may be used by gangs to identify themselves.  These colors may be seen in the clothing worn by the gang members, in their flags, (bandannas) or in their graffiti.  Due to the trends of today's gangs to change identifiers that used to be traditional, these colors may not be exact .

This list is not all inclusive.  There are many more gangs, spread throughout the United States, that may or may not claim affiliation with a "nation." 

If you are aware of a well known gang not listed below, send the gang name, their colors and affiliation, if any, to me via Email.

Please note that colors are not a positive identifier of gang affiliation.  Colors are but one of the combination of identifiers used by law enforcement and others to identify gang members. 

The two most widely known gang colors are red, worn by the Bloods, and blue, worn by the Crips.

The Sureņos (Sur 13, Sur) and the Norteņos (Norte 14, Norte) are not gangs.  They are  Hispanic gangs in Northern and Southern gangs California who united as Northerners and Southerners.

Gang Colors List


Colors Affiliation
Bloods Basic -red; also sets known to wear brown, orange, burnt orange to represent dried blood  
Crips Blue  
Norteņos Red Aligned with La Nuestra Familia
Sureņos Blue Aligned with the Mexican Mafia

Gangs With Folks Nation Affiliation


Light blue, black


Ashland Vikings Green, black Folks
Black Disciples Black, blue Folks
Black Gangster Disciples Black, blue, white, silver Folks
Brothers of Struggle Black, blue, white, silver Folks
C-Notes Green, red, white Folks
Campbell Boys Red, blue Folks
Harrison Gents Purple, black Folks
Imperial Gangsters Pink, brown Folks
Insane Popes Black, blue Folks
La Raza Red, white, green Folks
Party People White, black Folks
Latin Disciples Blue, black Folks
Latin Dragons Black, green Folks
Latin Eagles Gray, black Folks
Latin Jivers Black, brown Folks
Latin Lovers Red, yellow Folks
Latin Souls Maroon, black Folks
Orchestra Albany Brown, yellow Folks
Simon City Royals Blue, black Folks
Spanish Cobras Green, black Folks
Satan Disciples Canary yellow, black Folks
Spanish Gangsters Light blue, black Folks
Two Sixers Tan, black Folks
Two Boys Black, blue Folks

Gangs With People Nation Affiliation

Bishops Copper, brown, black People
Black Stone Rangers Black, green, red People
Black P. Stone Nation Black, green, red People
Cullerton Deuces Gray, black, white People
Ek Rukns Black, red, green, gold People
Gaylords Gray, light blue, black People
Insane Deuces Green, black People
Insane Popes Black, blue People
Insane Unknowns Black, white People
Kents Gray, black People
Latin Counts Red, black People
Latin Kings Gold, black People
Latin Saints Blue, black People
Mickey Cobras Red, black People
Pachucos Black, white People
Puerto Rican Stones Black, orange People
Spanish Lords Black, red People
Vice Lords Black, red, green, gold People



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