Clothes Worn By Street Gangs

Clothing - Is it worn as a fad or as gang attire???

"Clothes make the man." or so it has been often said. Clothing also, according to the style, color, and the manner it is worn, might indicate that the individual, a young man or a young female, is a gang member. Unfortunately, many of today's youths that are not connected with gang activity have adopted the same styles and manners of dress because it's "cool."


The advent of teens wearing baggies and the gang-banger look, and more recently--the junkie look, does not necessarily mean that gangs have arrived in a particular neighborhood. Neither do graffiti, code words, and symbols automatically translate into gang activity.

Growing out of the "grunge" look and with the adulation of the hip-hop culture with its "attitude," baggies and shaved heads, or gang attire, has become popular nation-wide among teens including upper and middle-class white adolescents as well. Gang attire is displayed everywhere as the chic fashion statement for young people. It is shown all over MTV and other teen videos.

Professional and College Sports Wear - Youths today may be seen in groups on the streets, in school, in the mall, everywhere, all wearing similar types of clothing and hats with identical or similar colors. Does this mean that every youth dressed in this fashion is a gang member? Absolutely not!!!!!

If a youth wears a popular item of jewelry such as a six-point star, a five-point star, a crescent moon or a playboy bunny, does that mean he or she is a gang member? Again, absolutely not.

Wearing particular styles, types and colors of clothing, colored bandannas, jewelry, shoes and other items, is not a positive indicator of gang affiliation. It is merely one of the indicators or factors to be considered when identifying gang members.

Gang style clothing worn by non-gang persons is extremely dangerous

In many areas, particularly where gangs are constantly involved in turf wars, where drive-by shootings are a common occurrence, where persons are frequently assaulted or murdered, many of the victims were identified as a rival gang member because he or she was wearing clothes of a particular color. Occasionally, youths with no gang connections, have become targets or victims because they too, were wearing the wrong colors or clothes.

Young people want to "look cool" and wear the latest fashion, including gang fashions. My advice is DON'T!!!

There is an old saying - If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, if it looks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

In other words if you walk and dress like a gang banger, a real gang banger may mistakenly identify you as a rival gang member. By trying to be cool and by acting like a gang member you run the risk of making yourself a target. 

The links below are intended to bring attention to  what happens when your clothing makes you look like a gang member.

Efforts to mandate clothing standards by school personnel have failed miserably short of going to a school-wide uniform. In Bannister v Paradis (1970) a lower court ruled that the prohibition of clothing because of style and taste was unconstitutional unless such clothing imposed a danger to the health and safety of others or caused a disturbance or other disruption (Lane et al. 1994:64). There have been numerous other cases dealing with clothes: one arguing about skirt length -- Wallace V. Ford (1972), and another one dealing directly with the issue of gang attire Olesen v. Board of Education of School District No. 228 (1987). (Source:

NOTE: It has been reported that some gangs are starting to change their clothing style by no longer wearing their colors in an effort to deceive law enforcement and conceal their gang affiliation

To learn about the significance of clothing, colors, jewelry and other items worn by gang members click onto the links below.

Professional and college sports teams clothing worn by street gangs.

The following information is an indicator as to how many gang members are using popular sports clothing to represent their individual gangs. Both professional and college teams are represented. It should be noted that the sporting of clothing does not always signify gang affiliation. This list was compiled to make the reader aware of possible gang involvement.  It should also be noted that street gangs have become aware of the fact that law enforcement uses the wearing of colors as an indicator of gang involvement.

Sports Teams, Clothing, Logos and Gangs

Sports Team


Gang - Affiliation

Atlanta Braves Initial "A" for Almighty People
Boston Celtics Colors - Green/Black Spanish Cobras
Charlotte Hornets Initials "C" & "H" 4 Corner Hustlers
Charlotte Hornets Colors - Black/Pink Imperial Gangsters
Chicago Bulls Colors -  Black/Red Vice Lords
Chicago Black Hawks Colors -  Black/Red Vice Lords
Chicago Cubs  Initial "C" Spanish Cobras
Dallas Cowboys Five point star People
Denver Broncos Switch "DB" for initials "BD" Black Disciples
Detroit Lions Colors -  Black/Blue Gangster Disciples
Detroit Tigers Initial "D" for Disciples  Folks
Detroit Tigers Colors: Black/Blue Gangster Disciples
Duke University Colors - Black/Blue;"Duke" = "Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday" Folks
Georgetown Initial "G" for Gangster Folks
Georgetown Hoyas Hoyas" stands for "Hoover's On Your Ass" (Larry Hoover) Gangster Disciples
Georgia Tech Initial "G" for Gangster Folks
Indiana University Initials "I" & "U" overlapping appear to make the shape of a pitchfork Folks
Kansas City Royals Colors: Black/Blue Folks
Kansas City Royals "Royals" Simon City Royals
LA Dodgers Initial "D" for Disciples Gangster Disciples
LA Kings "Kings" Latin Kings
LA Kings "Kings" stands for "Kill Inglewood Nasty Gangsters" People
Los Angeles Raiders  "Raiders" stands for "Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit" Folks
Miami Hurricanes Color -Orange People
Michigan  Initial "M" Maniac Latin Disciples
Minnesota Twins  Initial "M" Maniac Latin Disciples
NY Yankees Colors - Black/Blue/White Gangster Disciples
North Carolina - University Colors - Black/Blue  Folks
Oakland A's Initial "A" for Ambrose Ambrose
Oakland A's Color - Green Spanish Cobras
Orlando Magic "Magic" stands for "Maniacs  and Gangsters in Chicago" Folks
Philadelphia Phillies Initial "P" for "People" People
Phoenix Suns Initials "P" & "S" Black Peace Stone Nation
Pittsburgh Pirates  Colors - Black/Gold  Latin Kings
Pittsburgh Pirates Initial "P"; for Pirus (Bloods) Bloods
St. Louis Cardinals red-colored hat  Spanish Vice Lords
Texas Rangers Initial "T" looks like pitchfork pointing down People
University of Illinois Initials "U" & "I" together appear to be a pitchfork pointing up Folks

Other Logos, Symbols and Affiliations


Used As

Gang Affiliation

British Knights Initials "B" & "K" for Blood Killers Crips
Burger King Initials "B" & "K" for Blood Killers Crips
Columbia Knights Initials "C" & "K" for Crip Killer Bloods
Converse All Star shoe Five point star in the logo of label People
Starter Symbol crack the five point star to disrespect the "People  Folks
Starter Symbol five point star People
FUBU (For Us-By Us) clothing The number "05" People
Nike Colors - Black/Blue Folks
Calvin Klein Initials "C" & "K" for Crip Killer Bloods

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